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Softub Spas provide Hydrotherapy Treatments at home, aiding in the treatment of Arthritis, Diabetes, and Stress !

Arthritis Relief:

Arthritis effects over 40 million people and causes pain, general stiffness and for some, swelling and inflamation of joints. A soak in a Softub Spa relieves the pain of muscle and joint soreness in four ways.

1.) The bouyancy of the water reduces 90% of the body weight. The strain on muscles and joints is relieved as soon as you are immersed.

2.) Warm water improves your blood circulation. As the blood flows through your body, the warmth relaxes muscles that have become stiff from protecting sore joints.

3.) As you relax, your brain releases endorphins into the blood stream. Endorphins are the body's natural relaxant and pain reliever.

4.) The gentle massage created by the Softub Spa jets loosens knots of tension and enhances the muscles range of motion.

An added benefit provided to arthritis sufferers through the use of Softub Spas, is the ability to deliver more restful sleep.

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Diabetes Relief

Many people develop Type 2 Diabetes, also referred to as "Adult Onset Diabetes". There are many ways that managing Diabetes can be improved through Hydrotherapy in a Softub Spa.

Exercise is an essential part of any treatment plan. Excercise however releases Lactic Acid into the muscles. Lactic Acid is responsible for the soreness we feel after exercise. Hydrotherapy in a Softub Spa increases blood circulation, delivering nutrients to muscle cells and carrying away Lactic Acids.

Diabetics are particularly susceptible to stress which can aggravate complications associated with the disease. Stress causes the body to "tighten up" which restricts blood flow through the muscles. A soak in a Softub Spa relaxes tightened muscles, increasing circulation and reduces blood pressure, which dialates blood vessels and reduces risks of cardiovascular disease.

Type 1 diabetes may develop joint stiffness and limited mobility. Hydrotheraputic massage in a softub spa is an excellent way to relieve both the tension and soreness of stiff joints.Hydrotheraputic massage relieves stiifness and joint aches.

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Stress Relief

There's nothing like Hydrotheraputic Massage in a Softub Spa to chase away stress. The relaxing massage of the softub's jets loosens stiff muscles and reduces blood pressure by increasing blood flow whiich delivers more replenishing nutrients to aching joints and muscles.

Softub Accessories now available online in a secure shopping environment

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